How long does it take to become a good low-handicapper?

How long does it take to become a good low-handicapper?

However, the general consensus among professionals is that it takes about two years to become a consistent low-handicapper. This can vary depending on the individual, but most agree that it takes at least a year or two to get reasonably good. After two years of playing golf consistently, you should be consistently shooting 80 or better.

How long should you practice golf a day?

To truly improve at golf, you need to practice regularly, even if just for 15 minutes a day or every other day — but try to make it at least once a week for 60 minutes or more. You can work on technique or spend time on the driving range or working on strategy with a coach or friend.

What is the quickest way to get better at golf?

The short game is the quickest way to getting better at golf. People of all ability levels should spend quality time practicing the short game. On my journey to breaking 80, I was fortunate that when I was 14 and 15 years old, we would finish playing golf for the day and have to wait for our ride to pick us up.

How long does it take to learn golf?

It takes weeks, months, even years before you can master your golfing skills. But do not worry because this is a fun game and you will enjoy yourself while playing it. Just keep in mind that the more time you spend on learning the more skilled you will become. Do not rush, just enjoy everything about this game and learn from your mistakes.