How good are PXG irons?

How good are PXG irons?

The faces are made from incredibly thin and strong miraging steelThey do actually play longer than the PXG 0311 ironsThey have a soft feel thanks to the vibration-insulating linerThe long irons produce very low spinThe PXG 0211 irons have a slightly larger sweet spot than other PXG ironsMore items…

Are PXG good golf clubs?

Yes! PXG clubs are widely regarded as up there with the very best golf clubs available on the market, thanks to the company’s unique approach to research, development, and engineering. Founder Bob Parsons is incredibly proud of the equipment that PXG produces.

Are PXG clubs better?

While it is almost infinitely versatile what with the moveable weights and adjustable hosel; none of that will help unless you are able to swing fast and stay true on your downswing. That being said, the better testers in our group liked the PXG 0811 driver more and were getting slightly better distances of about 274 yards on average.

Are PXG irons "that" good?

New PXG 0311 GEN4 Irons are the best irons we’ve ever made by a long shot. Years in the making and packed with our most advanced patented technology. The secret science behind XCOR provides a polymer core material that’s bunny rabbit soft and delivers unparalleled distance, forgiveness, sound, and feel.