How far should my golf irons be?

How far should my golf irons be?

For women golfer’s the distance chart might look more like the following with irons: 1 iron = 120-150 yards 2 iron = 110-140 yards 3 iron = 100-130 yards 4 iron = 90-120 yards 5 iron = 80-110 yards 6 iron = 70-100 yards

What is the average Golf Club distance for a woman?

Golf Club Distance Chart for Woman By Skill Level Club Beginner Average Good Excellent Driver 150 yds 175 yds 200 yds 230 yds 3 Wood 125 yds 150 yds 180 yds 210 yds 5 Wood 110 yds 140 yds 175 yds 200 yds Hybrid 105 yds 135 yds 170 yds 195 yds 12 more rows …

What do our customers expect from our golf clubs?

Nowadays, customers don’t revolve around our golf clubs, rather, the golf clubs must figure out how they fit into the lives of their customers. People expect some benefit (e.g. money, time, attention) when they use the services of a golf club.

How far do professional golfers hit their drivers?

While professional golfers can hit their drivers well over 300 yards, a typical male golfer will hit his driver anywhere from between 230 and 290 yards depending on his skill level. Women will hit the ball 230 yards on a great drive but most will hit it less than 200.