How far does the wind affect golf ball flight?

How far does the wind affect golf ball flight?

The effects of wind are not linear. Unfortunately, there is not a simple equation such as “1 mph equals 1 yard” that golfers can use to calculate how far the ball will fly in the wind. Different clubs, due to their different launch conditions and different ball flight, will be affected differently.

Does air pressure affect your golf ball flight?

All of us golfers are full of excuses. Air pressure has pretty much no effect on your ball flight either. It will account for less than a yard of difference. This is the one that is the most important. Personally I think I have noticed considerable differences in the distance my ball is traveling in cold weather. Let’s find out the truth…

Does cold weather affect golf ball travel distance?

Although it’s not the easiest thing to measure, colder weather does result in a decrease in golf ball travel distance. When the temperature decreases by 20°F you can expect a 1 – 2 yard decrease in distance for every 100 yards in a shot. Other factors like wind, rain and snow will affect the distance a golf ball travels more than temperature.

Does rain affect the flight of golf balls?

Rain increases air humidity creating thicker air which leads to more resistance to the golf ball in flight. The golf ball will therefore not travel as far in the rain and even more so in cold wet weather. It is estimated steady rain causes a negative effect on ‘carry’ distance of around 3-5 yards.