How does a chipper club improve your game?

How does a chipper club improve your game?

If used properly, a chipper improves your game and lowers your score by getting it onto the green and close to the hole with one shot. Master this club to save precious strokes from a really tight spot.

What is a putter Chipper club?

A putter chipper – commonly known as just a “chipper” – has a putter-like club head that’s lofted approximately 30 to 37 degrees, about the same as a 7- or 8-iron. The club does what the name suggests: It allows you to hit a chip shot while employing a putting stroke.

Are chippers legal in golf?

However there are some rules that the club has to conform to. According to the USGA, chippers are legal in golf provided it has: This means that two-sided chippers are not legal for tournament use and can lead to disqualification. There is a multitude of chippers available making it an extremely arduous task to select the most suitable one.

What is a chipper chip in golf?

While both of these chips produce similar ball flights, they are both based on the simple bump and run chip that most golfers are familiar with. The chipper is perfectly designed to perform this shot and excels at chipping the ball over short patches of rough or fringe around the green.