How do you use alignment sticks?

How do you use alignment sticks?

Another common way to use the alignment sticks is to place them in the ground at certain angles to help you with your swing plane. Now there are many ways of doing this and many different drills that this can be used for, but those are specifics that we will get into later.

How do you align a golf ball in the sand?

Take your address position and then place two alignment sticks on the sand – one marking the position of the ball in relation to your feet and the other marking where the club should enter the sand. Push the sticks into the sand to create two lines and then remove them from the bunker.

How do you use an alignment rod?

Let’s count the ways. The namesake use is the most common and most important way to use alignment rods. You can place sticks in any number of positions to check your aim or alignment. My preferred method is to have one stick outside of the ball and another along my toes.

How can i Improve my alignment in my golf game?

Place an alignment stick in the ground directly on your ball-to-target line, about four metres away from you. This is designed to recreate that feeling of when you have a tree on your line that you need to shape the ball around. See if you can hit two shots that shape around the stick in different ways (one fade and one draw).