How do you use activated hand warmers for golf balls?

How do you use activated hand warmers for golf balls?

Put one activated hand warmer on the bottom of an insulated food bag. Put the balls on top of the hand warmer. Place another activated hand warmer on top of the balls. Close the food bag tightly around the warmers and the balls. The balls should be warm after 30 minutes.

Can I put a hand warmer in my Pocket?

I’m on a blood thinner and my hands can get really cold, so I’ll often toss a disposable hand-warmer packet in my front pants pocket. A playing partner thinks having the warmer in the same pocket as my golf ball could violate the rules by softening the ball, improving playability in these conditions.

How much difference does heat make on golf balls?

The warmer balls spun a tick more on average and flew just a bit lower. The average carry difference was only one yard. In the extreme, it’s likely that leaving your bag in the trunk of your car all day would have a greater impact. That’s based on what happened when we placed balls under a heat lamp.

Can you warm up your golf balls in the same pocket?

To avoid the proverbial hot seat by, er, warming up your balls, don’t place them in the same pocket as the hand warmer. If you make a stroke with the ball after it’s been warmed, the penalty could be disqualification under Rule 4.2a.