How do you tell which ball is which in golf?

How do you tell which ball is which in golf?

Put a simple dot above the number and then a dot below the number on the next ball. If you have to hit a provisional you can then identify which was which. Video Player is loading.

Why do professional golfers wear hats with logos on them?

Picture a bright summer day. The sun is shining through the trees and you need something to shield your eyes from the light. A hat! Just about every professional golfer wears one to protect themselves from sun exposure… and because they get paid big sums of money to put logos on them.

Is it better to carry a golf club on a plane?

If you don’t use a club very often it’s entirely possible something else in place of it would be more useful. Golf is almost always better when you walk. Unless, of course, your bag is so heavy that it might not make the weight restrictions at the airport.

How do you introduce yourself on the first tee at golf tournaments?

You step on the first tee and announce the name and number of the ball you’re playing. That’s a veteran move—until one of your playing companions says they have the same ball.