How do you make an oil can finish?

How do you make an oil can finish?

This is achieved by heating the putter. Scotty wanted a putter that has a worn leather look and his Tour Rep, Larry Watson coined the term Oil Can because the finish looks like it has a fine film of oil on it." Perhaps if you can find some Brown Black oxide you may be able to achieve this beautiful finish for your own clubs.

How do I clean my golf clubs?

Dunk it again and fashion the brush to clean out the grooves, periodically toweling to wipe away excess dirt. Then, dry using the other end of the towel and finish off by returning the club to your bag. Continue this process until every club is cleaned.

Should you power wash your golf clubs?

Use your legs or hands to hold the face of the club in place. Point and fire. Perks/Drawbacks: Your clubs will literally never be cleaner and you got to use the power washer. Perhaps save this for once or twice a season, it can’t be good for your clubface to get repeatedly blasted with pressurized water. And be careful!

What is an oil can finish on a putter?

If you look at the Scotty Cameron website glossary list " you will see that an oil can finish is a "Oil Can Brown black oxide finish that has an iridescent look like oil. This is achieved by heating the putter.