How do you get rid of the chicken wing on a swing?

How do you get rid of the chicken wing on a swing?

The best drill for eliminating the chicken wing is to put a glove or head cover under your left arm and keep it there while you swing. Keeping the glove or head cover under your arm will force your left arm to rotate. Notice that when you do this, your left elbow will be pointed at the ground after impact.

Do you suffer from the dreadful golf chicken wing?

If this sounds like you there’s a good chance you suffer from the dreaded golf chicken wing. The chicken wing in golf destroys a golfer’s ability to execute a solid golf swing by reducing power and accuracy. The good news is the chicken wing in golf is very easy to fix. All it takes is the practice of a simple drill and you can cure it in minutes.

What is a “chicken-wing” finish in golf?

Unfortunately, in golf they also can be hard to fend off. One of the more common faults in amateurs’ swings is the “chicken-wing” finish. What this means is that the left (lead) elbow flares out through impact, causing a variety of problems, notably strikes off the toe.

Do you have the chicken wing in your golf swing?

You have the chicken wing not because you want to but because you have to. The chicken wing is basically a compensating move for an error that happens earlier in your swing. Golf is a game of compensating errors.