How do you decorate a golf club collection?

How do you decorate a golf club collection?

Get even more creative by adding a small hat, wig made of yarn or swatch of fabric as a bandanna on your golf club’s head. Make sure the clubs are hung on sturdy hooks so they don’t fall off the wall.

How do you make a wire hanger for a golf club?

Install the wire hanger. Use snips to cut a piece of heavy-duty picture wire about 4 inches long. Bend the wire into a loop and overlap the ends so it stays in place. Shimmy the loop up the club’s shaft until it is at the base of the club. Twist the wire into an uneven figure eight, with the smaller portion nearest the club.

Why choose our wall displays for your collected golf clubs?

Our wall displays for your collected golf clubs makes them proud to be shown to your family and friends. The racks are very easy to order from our website and are available in oak, cherry and black finish. Our designs are all very popular to the collectors. We are usually able to ship out in 7 to 14 business days.

How to hang a golf club on the wall?

This leaves you with an adequate loop for hanging the club. Place the loop on the flat side of the club so the club will hang flush against the wall. Hook up the arms.