How do I get a custom golf cart?

How do I get a custom golf cart?

Ultimate Golf Carts specializes is custom golf carts. With our Build Your Own Cart tool you can design and view a custom Precedent cart in just a few clicks. Choose the most popular colors and wheels from the most popular manufacturers. Click on one of the links below to get started. You can get even more detailed with our custom seat designer.

Why buy a golf cart from the cart store?

I just bought a golf cart from The Cart store and it was a great experience. We purchased the cart on a Saturday an they had new batteries in it and had it detail cleaned for us to pick up the following week. Everything was as promised on time and completed.

How fast will a battery powered golf cart go?

These 1958 plans show you how to make a battery powered golf cart. With their setup, they claim tha the engine will push the cart 20 MPH and have a range of 30 miles. Using two electric motors suitable for general propulsion and motorcycle sprocke assemblies, the cart’s divetrain is remarkably simple.

How to move a DIY golf cart from one area to another?

There are various ways that you can move your DIY golf cart from the workshop to another area. If driving the golf cart is hectic or not possible at the moment, you have the option of hauling it using a pickup truck or even a trailer. Don’t forget to strap it securely to avoid undesirable movements.