How do I Find my Ping colour code?

How do I Find my Ping colour code?

In all, there are 10 different colour codes (gold, brown, orange, red, black, blue, green, white, silver, maroon) separated by one degree. Using the PING Color Code Chart would be the first step in finding the correct colour code. A Golf Town Master Fitter will measure your height and wrist to floor length.

What is the Ping dots colour code system?

The Ping dots colour code system is all about helping you get the right lie angle for your game. So what are the different colour options and which one is right for you? I went to meet the brand’s fitting and education manager Nick Boulton to find out. Watch the video above to learn all about the Ping dots system…

How do I choose the right Ping golf clubs for me?

If you have longer arms, you will need longer shafts that extend to an angle that is closer to the ground. The resulting measurements are used in comparison with Ping Color Chart, and then you get the appropriate club for you. Your swing is also tested using a lie board and analyze the ball flight and help choose the correct color code.

What do Ping color code golf clubs mean?

What’s the Meaning of Ping Dot Colors? Every dot in Ping color code symbolizes a degree and the type of lie angle of the club. This is the angle between the shaft and ground at normal playing position. A proper lie angle is important in improving your accuracy, and this is what Ping color code system seeks to address.