How do golf scopes work?

How do golf scopes work?

They come in the form of a monocular, which is basically a pair of binoculars cut in half. Specially marked lines inside the lens help you gauge the distance to hole so you choose the right club. Stand in the fairway next to your ball with a clear view of the hole. Hold the golf scope up to your eye.

How to use a golf scope to measure yardage?

Hold the golf scope up to your eye. Line up the bottom of the flagstick with the horizontal line marked "Green" in your viewfinder. Read the numbers that are lined up with the top of the flagstick. That is your yardage. Select the golf club that corresponds with that distance and take your shot.

How do you use a flagstick in a golf scope?

If the base of the flag is obstructed and the course you are playing has striped flagsticks, line up the bottom line in the golf scope with the lowest visible stripe of the flagstick.

How do I make my golf scope more accurate?

If your course does not have striped flagsticks and you can’t see the base of the pin, the golf scope will not be accurate. Most golf scopes measure in yards and meters. Clean your golf scope with a clean, damp cloth after each round. Blow out any visible dust before you wipe it down.