Do you swing right or left for a steeper angle of attack?

Do you swing right or left for a steeper angle of attack?

While swinging left certainly does correlate with a steeper angle of attack, there are several other variables at play. I see just as many people swing left and be too shallow as I see players swing right and be too steep. The swing on the left may be just as shallow or even shallower than the swing on the right (in terms of AOA).

What is my attack angle on my golf clubs?

On the other hand, if you are hitting up – such as you might do with a driver – your attack angle will be upward through impact. Generally speaking, your steepest downward angle will be with your wedges, and your swings will gradually get shallower as the clubs get longer.

Is golf a violent game?

It’s easy to think of golf as a calm, gentle game. And, to a large degree, that would be a fair assessment. Most of the time, golf is quiet and peaceful, as players make their way around beautiful green courses on sunny summer afternoons. With all of that said, there is something rather violent about the moment of impact.

What is an attack wedge golf club?

An attack wedge is a fantastic club for chipping, pitching, and even putting from the edge of the green. It really is a go-to golf club if you’re struggling with those types of shots. Often these clubs are described as miracle clubs for players who are struggling with their short game.