Do you rent or ship your golf clubs when traveling?

Do you rent or ship your golf clubs when traveling?

Now, I greatly prefer shipping my own clubs when traveling, but if I’m only playing one round or — gasp, only nine holes — I’ve been known to rent. Lately, I have not been renting from the courses or resorts where I’m playing — I’ve been trying out the aforementioned services such as GolfClubsAway, GolfRentalWorld, and ClubHub.

How important are golf clubs to average players?

For all of us average golfers, our clubs can make a world of difference in terms of our performance. Luckily, the sport is made up mostly of average golfers. After all, only a small percent of golfers go pro. So that means that manufacturers make a lot of options available to us, their largest customer base.

Can you rent golf clubs in Las Vegas?

Yes, you can easily rent golf clubs in Las Vegas. Golf club rentals are available at most golf courses in town. You also have the option to rent clubs from a local golf rental shop or online and have a rental set of golf clubs delivered to your hotel.

How much does it cost to rent golf clubs?

The chart below provides a basic comparison… There are obviously many factors to consider, but from a pure price perspective, renting golf clubs from these outfits for a day (starting at $55-$65) can be less expensive than renting from higher-end golf courses and resorts ($75-$100 per day) or shipping your clubs roundtrip (starting at $80-$100).