Can wood golf clubs be damaged?

Can wood golf clubs be damaged?

Wood golf clubs are beautiful but may be susceptible to damage from use or exposure to the elements. Traditional wooden golf clubs have a certain beauty that has been lost in the transition to metal woods. Unfortunately, with time, the finish of a wood can be lost or dulled due to repeated use or exposure to the elements.

Who is the largest golf club repair center in the US?

Tiger Nick Golf Club Solutions has grown from a small polishing and buffing shop in Ohio into THE largest golf club repair & refinishing centers in the United States (And possibly the World). We refinish over 600 sets of irons per year and over 2000 wedges with our Intelligent Design system.

How many golf clubs have we repaired?

Since then, we have perfected the process of repairing, rebuilding, and refinishing over a million clubs for both professional and amateur golfers. Our plating technique, known as Tour Chrome, has helped players across the world improve their game, whether it is on a championship hole or just another Saturday on the green.

Can You refinish my golf club?

We expertly supply all types of golf club refinishing. We can refinish Just about any type of club including metal woods. We check the condition of your club and can perform many types of golf club repair. Are you taking adequate care of them?