Can Tiger Woods Walk 18 holes at Ritz-Carlton?

Can Tiger Woods Walk 18 holes at Ritz-Carlton?

He pointed out that he’d be unable to walk 18 holes at the Ritz-Carlton layout, which is relatively flat and is nowhere near healthy enough to play a 72-hole Tour event.

Would Tiger Woods ever use a golf cart to play official events?

Given his current physical limitations following February’s single-vehicle accident that required multiple surgeries on his right leg, Woods was asked if he’d ever considered asking the Tour to use a golf cart to play official events. “No. I wouldn’t, no. No. Absolutely not. Not for a PGA Tour event, no. That’s just not who I am,” Woods said.

Can you use a golf cart on the PGA Tour?

They’re allowed in special situations, but you have to apply for a special exemption with the PGA Tour to actually get one and use it during a major tournament. Golf carts have always been allowed for use in recreational golf, but on the PGA Tour walking the court has generally been a strict requirement. Until 2001, anyway.

Is Tiger Woods ready to play in the British Open?

Tiger Woods on Tuesday proclaimed himself ready to play in next week’s British Open at St. Andrews and he revealed that his plan was to compete in the U.S. Open last month, but he wasn’t physically able.