Can I use a 12 gauge cord for a golf cart battery?

Can I use a 12 gauge cord for a golf cart battery?

However, keep in mind that if your cord is shorter, it should also be thicker than most extensions so that more power can be delivered safely to your starving golf cart battery. A 12 gauge might work for you, but it also may not.

How to choose the correct gauge extension cord?

Use the following list to select the proper gauge extension cord. Remember, wire gauge refers to the thickness of the actual copper wire. As a wire gets thicker it can carry more electricity (amps). To confuse us, some idiot decided that as a wire gets thicker (bigger) the gauge number should get smaller!

What size extension cord do I need to charge my golf cart?

But with some research, I learned this little nugget about my issue. Typically, you can use a 12 gauge (or better) extension cord to charge your golf cart safely from longer distances. In this post, I’ll show you a few of the nuances you need to know when choosing an extension cord to make sure you do not damage your cart.

Where do you plug in a golf cart battery charger?

From cords and plugs for E-Z-GO, Club Car, yamaha, Lester, Lestronic, PowerWise, PowerDrive, and others, Golf car Catalog has got you covered. AC power cords connect your golf cart battery charger to the AC power outlet in the wall of your house, garage or shed.