Can I upgrade the hub caps on my golf cart?

Can I upgrade the hub caps on my golf cart?

If your tires are already in great condition, upgrading the hub caps will give your golf cart a new look with minimal investment. We stock a variety of hub caps and related accessories in the most popular styles and colors. Select from chrome or black lug nuts and center caps.

How do you remove a hub cap from a wheel cover?

This will surely strip the threads on your plastic lugs, and in time, your hub cap will fall off. Always use the “Hand Tool” provided with your car or truck to carefully unscrew each plastic lug nut. Once you completely unscrew all of the plastic lugs from a wheel cover, you can then take the hubcap off by hand.

How do you remove the center cap of a car?

You can however, use two wide tip screw drivers at the same time to spread out the pressure, lessening the possibility of cracks. For flat type center caps, a screw driver does work best. for the deeper type wheel caps, you will need the removal tool. You must be very careful to find out if you have “bolt-on” wheel covers.

How do you fix a scratched hubcap?

Carefully remove your hubcaps with special removal tool. Wash your peeling, scratched plastic hub caps completely using fine steel wool and water. Do not remove all of the existing paint from your wheel cover. Rinse and let dry.