Are Volvik golf balls illegal?

Are Volvik golf balls illegal?

Are volvik balls illegal? Volvik Golf balls are legal. As impressive as their technology is, it is still perfectly acceptable to have them in your bag during tournament play. Volvik has a wide range of golf balls, and although they were originally known mostly for amateur golf balls, they continue to make more Tour level golf balls.

Do illegal golf balls really go farther?

People who use illegal golf balls often find they are able to hit the ball anywhere from 20 to 25 yards (18.2 to 22.75 m) farther than if they had used regulation balls. That is because these golf balls are designed to fly higher, which in turn maximizes distance.

Do illegal golf balls really work?

There are a number of illegal golf balls on the market but the majority of them will not perform well at all. A lot of them will generate a good distance but they’ll have a major slice or hook if that’s what you normally hit. I wanted to find a ball that would fly far but one that would also fly straight.

What is the best illegal golf ball to use?

CliffsNotes of Illegal Golf BallsPolara Self-Correcting – has aiming technologyBandit Small Ball – the shallow dimples lets them roll for days on drivesVolvik Magma Golf Balls – 3 layer design and 432 dimplesMC Senior Golf Balls – adds 1-1.5 club distanceStrata BOOM Golf Balls – great durability