Are Titleist 714 AP2 Irons any good?

Are Titleist 714 AP2 Irons any good?

The 714 AP2 irons from Titleist are what we have come to expect from Titleist; very solid players clubs. If you are the lookout for high performing irons I would strongly suggest you give these irons a try.

What is the difference between the 714 and 714 AP2?

The 714 AP2 features more meaningful changes under the skin, but not so major that they change the characteristics of the AP2 chassis that has been so successful. Each iron has been designed to match the loft so the long irons have thinner faces than the short irons with the upper cavity face being only 2.1mm thick.

Is Titleist’s 714 AP1 a good choice for an aging baby boomer?

As an aging baby boomer, I am heartened at the tremendous strides Titleist has made in creating a GI iron like the 714 AP1. It promises me that as I continue to get a little slower, a little weaker and a lot less patient with my game, I will be able to hit a club that will help me play to the level of my ability.

What do you think of the Titleist AP2?

Golf Monthly verdict:Titleist has significantly refined the visuals of the AP2, with the high-chrome shelf appeal complemented by a neat satin address look. The top edge is spot on too – thin enough to look workable, yet wide enough and rounded not to appear too intimidating.