Are oversized golf clubs more forgiving?

Are oversized golf clubs more forgiving?

An oversized golf club has a slightly larger head than a standard club. This means that they’re more forgiving than standard clubs because off-center strikes aren’t as severely punished as they are with standard clubs. If you fail to hit the sweet spot when you’re striking a standard club, you will find that the ball will fly either left or right.

Should you use oversized club heads and Cavity backs?

If you are new to the game, inconsistent with your strikes and therefore your distances, and also struggle to get the ball airborne, you should be using or at least trying out a set of irons with oversized club heads and a cavity back to aid your iron play and improve your game. Sorry Try Again!

What does oversized mean in golf irons?

– See Explanation Below. An oversized golf iron is where the club head is slightly larger than standard. This larger club head aids the player on off centre strikes by providing more forgiveness. When it comes to the length of shafts in your golf irons, they are adjusted in order to suit the golfers physique and swing.

Can you hit oversized golf clubs far?

However, you should note that you might struggle to hit oversized golf clubs as far as standard irons and drivers. This is a result of the more prominent face, and the weight is designed to fall towards the lower back portion of the club. As a result, most players struggle to hit the ball with oversized clubs.