Are high moi golf clubs right for You?

Are high moi golf clubs right for You?

High MOI isn’t always ideal for ALL golfers, however. Highly skilled players, such as PGA Tour pros, often opt for clubs — especially irons — with a bit less MOI, or forgiveness. That’s because less twisting of the face actually reduces the ability to hit draws and fades on purpose.

What does Moi mean on a driver?

High MOI means more fairways hit with the cost of distance. Low MOI means more distance but reduced control of the ball on off-centre hits. If you are playing a low MOI driver your off-centre hits will become wilder shot shapes and misses.

What is moi on a golf ball?

The acronym "MOI" stands for "moment of inertia," and in golf MOI is a measurement of a club’s resistance to twisting. The term is usually applied to clubheads, but can also be applied to golf balls and even shafts.

How does moment of inertia (Moi) affect golf clubs?

If the moment of inertia can be increased, the club becomes more resistant to twisting. Therefore, a higher-MOI club-head will twist less on off-centre strikes than a lower-MOI one.