Are golf clubs better now than 40 years ago?

Are golf clubs better now than 40 years ago?

On the whole, the clubs being produced now are very impressive. It would be difficult to argue that any golfer could pick up a club from 40 years ago and have better performance than one produced today.

How often should you buy new golf clubs?

However, if you are an avid golfer and play regularly, you may want to invest in new golf clubs every 5 – 7 years. The technology advances in that time frame will help your game more than you may think!

How has driving distance changed in golf over the years?

Driving distances changed little over decades. IBM recorded driving distance data at 11 PGA Tour events in 1968. The top 10 players averaged 270.2 yards, the average was 264.0 yards and Nicklaus led the Tour at 276.0 yards. Adding 35 yards for increased speed, hotter driver and better ball, Nicklaus would’ve averaged 311.0 last season.

What is the average distance of a golf club driver?

Golf Club Distance Chart Club Men (Yards) Women (Yards) Loft Angle Driver 200 150 8 – 13 Degrees Driver (Hybrid) 205 155 10 – 14 Degrees 2-Wood 185 135 11 – 15 Degrees 3-Wood 180 130 12 – 18 Degrees 17 more rows …