Why won’t my wedges spin back?

Why won’t my wedges spin back?

Your wedges might not spin back for several reasons: either you swing too slowly, you use poor quality golf balls, your clubhead is too closed or you fail to clean your clubface between strikes. Any of these elements, or a combination of them, may prevent backspin when using your wedges.

How do you spin a golf ball?

To spin a golf ball, start by positioning yourself so the ball is closer to your back foot as opposed to being in the center of your stance. Then, swing back your club so it’s in an upright, straight position, and swing at the ball at a steeper angle than you normally would.

How to spin a wedge on the golf course?

Regardless of technique, conditions must be right in order to spin a wedge. You need: 1) clean grooves, 2) a decent fairway lie, and 3) a high-performance ball. If you’re in the rough or the grass is wet, you’ve got no chance. Position the ball in the middle of your stance, with most of your weight set over your left foot.

How far should you suck the ball back on a wedge?

On longer wedge approach shots (70 – 120 yards) you simply want the ball to stop within a reasonable distance of its landing point. You don’t need to suck it back 15 feet; it’s just not necessary. As you get closer to the hole, your goal is also to control your spin so the ball is not excessively running out.