Why get fitted for your golf clubs?

Why get fitted for your golf clubs?

The answer is simple; get fitted for your golf clubs. A golf club fitting is a process where a trained professional will measure your swing and physical characteristics to determine what clubs will maximize your performance. Golf club fitting is highly personalized and each golfer is fit according to their individual criteria.

What should you do when you book A club fitting?

Congratulations, you’ve finally done it: you booked a club fitting. Now what should you do? Step one: go into the fitting with an open mind, contemplate a realistic budget, and communicate with the fitter prior to the fitting to express any concerns.

Are too many golf clubs being poorly fit in shops?

While more golfers today are aware of the benefits of club fitting, too many are being poorly fit in local golf shops, big box stores and even by manufacturers. "I’m not sure how the fitting carts can do what we do," he said. "I probably have 40 different shafts and they might have three or four. I don’t see how they can do it.”

When should you get a custom golf club fitting?

Most of the time, when people think about getting a custom golf club fitting it’s because they have an issue that they want to solve. These issues can be anything from inconsistent shots to back or shoulder pain. If you’re having these kinds of issues with your golf game, now may be the right time for a custom golf club fitting.