Why do people ride golf carts?

Why do people ride golf carts?

The best way to see the countryside. Whether you just want to pop to the shops or you want to go out for dinner, the golf cart paths are the way to go. They are also a fantastic place for walking the dog, going for a run or getting out on the bike.

Are golf carts available to rent?

We offer short term, long term and special event golf cart rentals. Suncoast Carts Unlimited offers 2, 4, and 6 passenger golf carts for rent for any occasion, along with a complete line of newer Club Car and EZGO models vehicles to ensure comfortable and reliable transportation.

Should golf carts have seatbelts?

If your golf cart is going to be used as a street legal golf cart, seat belts are required for every seat. Seat belts can be easily added to the front or rear seats. You will need to purchase seat belt installation brackets. The first accessory our daughter bought for her golf cart was two rear seat seat belts.

Which golf cart is better?

Gas Powered Golf Carts: The ProsCan Handle Heavy Loads. Gas-powered golf carts can handle much heavier loads than electric golf carts. …Have Faster Speeds. Gas-powered golf carts can reach their top speed much faster than electric models. …Can Go Further on a Single Tank of Gas. Gasoline lasts longer than the batteries found in electric golf carts. …Easier to Find Spare Parts. …