Why do I Swing my golf swing plane steep?

Why do I Swing my golf swing plane steep?

For some, this may be caused by an injury or physical restriction, for others, the cause might be as simple as a bad habit. In either case, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Kevin Sprecher dives into a drill for correcting your swing plane in today’s Home Practice. First, Sprecher addresses those swinging too steep.

Is a flatter swing plane better?

A flatter swing plane will serve you well, because: It’s more horizontal, which creates a shallow attack angle and lower ball flight. Flat swingers typically hit the ball with a pronounced inside-to-out swing path, imparting right-to-left (draw) spin.

What is a steep golf swing?

A steep swing is, in the simplest terms, one that moves more up and down. Instead of the club working around your body, it works up to the sky and back down the the ground. The club gets more vertical in the downswing and creates a negative angle of attack, resulting in hitting down on the ball severely and taking bigger divots.

How do I get a proper golf swing plane?

Recording your golf swing is really helpful in obtaining a proper golf swing plane. I’d highly recommend getting an iPhone golf application that records your golf swing and has the ability to draw lines on the golf swing. Some great applications are ‘Golf Swing Reader’ and ‘Swing Plane’.