Why do I need an offset golf clubs?

Why do I need an offset golf clubs?

If you watch top golfers at impact, their hands are ahead of the club and this helps with the launch conditions required to lift the ball into the air. An offset helps you achieve this as you are learning how to play. This feature increases the chances of you getting your hands to the ball before the club and reduces thin shots.

What is an offset Golf driver?

The Benefits of an Offset Golf Driver. “Offset” is a golf equipment term describing a club whose face is set slightly back from the hosel (neck), instead of aligning directly with the shaft.

Do I need an offset on my Irons?

Absolutely, these clubs are designed to get the ball in the air fast and the offset is one way to help that happen. These are also clubs that should be fairly easy to hit and adding an offset can help club makers achieve that too. Many hybrids on the market have an offset, even slight, to give you a hand.

What does progressive offset mean?

The term "progressive offset" is most commonly applied to iron sets. It means that the amount of offset changes from club to club throughout the set—more offset in the longer clubs, less in the shorter clubs.