Why do I hit behind the golf ball?

Why do I hit behind the golf ball?

There are many factors which can affect your shot and cause you to hit behind the ball such as; Your position over the ball. Movement during your swing. Improper weight distribution and/or transfer. Some are easier to spot than others. The best place to start is the scene of the crime. Look at where the ball is positioned in your stance.

How does Topgolf know you hit that golf ball?

Here’s how they know you hit that golf ball When you go to Topgolf, you hit golf balls off a mat in a station out into the range. Just a few seconds after your golf ball stops, you look up at a monitor in your hitting bay and find out how far your ball went and how many points you scored in the Topgolf game that you’re playing.

What causes a Toped golf shot?

Failing to position the ball properly in your stance can also lead to challenges that result in topping the shot. For instance, if the ball is too far forward or back in your stance, the arc of your swing will be off, resulting in a topped golf shot.

Is it embarrassing to top a golf ball?

There aren’t many things more embarrassing than topping the golf ball. There you are on the first tee of the day, the eyes of every golfer around the tee box are on you and you step up and top a ball as it rolls about 10-30 yards. You walk to your bag, head to your ball and now have the same pressure again to hit a solid shot.