Who makes King Snake golf clubs?

Who makes King Snake golf clubs?

Who Makes King Snake Golf Clubs? Sales of the King Snake, which the U.S. Customs Service ruled is a counterfeit of Cobra Golf Inc. ‘s King Cobra, amount to nearly 4% of the irons market, outselling several legitimate brands.

When did King Cobra irons come out?

Cobra’s first set of oversize irons, the King Cobra Oversize, were launched in 1994. Are King Cobra golf clubs good? Cobra is a good golf brand producing high-quality equipment for beginners golfers to professionals; their beginner’s clubs rival every manufacturer.

What is the history of Cobra Golf?

Club designer and former Australian amateur golf champ Thomas Crow founds a small golf club company, and names it Cobra Golf. Develops the "Baffler" – the first utility wood.

What’s new with King Cobra Golf Clubs?

King Cobra Phil Rodgers wedges emerge, bearing the skid sole design and soft, unplated carbon steel. January, King Cobra SS 380 driver launches, capitalizing on the industry’s larger clubhead trend.