Who is the greenskeeper at the Royal St George's?

Who is the greenskeeper at the Royal St George’s?

His name is Paul Larsen. Larsen is head greenskeeper at this year’s Open Championship host, the famed Royal St. George’s. He is also owner of one of golf’s most aspirational looks, as he proved in an interview spot on Golf Channel during Wednesday’s practice round.

How many yards is the Royal St George’s Golf Club?

7,204 yards (6,587 m) The Royal St George’s Golf Club located in Sandwich, Kent, England, is a golf club in the United Kingdom and one of the courses on The Open Championship rotation and is the only Open rota golf course to be located in Southern England.

How many times has Royal St George’s hosted the Open Championship?

Royal St George’s has hosted The Open Championship on 14 occasions since 1894 and is due to hold the Open in 2020. Note: For multiple winners of The Open Championship, superscript ordinal identifies which in their respective careers.

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