Who is Cameron Champ mother Lisa Champ?

Who is Cameron Champ mother Lisa Champ?

Lisa Champ is the well-known mother of Cameron Champ. Cameron’s mom Lisa played an integral part in his journey, especially when he was playing in junior golf tournaments. Back in 2016, Cameron posted a photo of himself and Lisa sitting in a golf cart when he was much younger.

Who is Cameron Champ’s father?

His son Jeff was a minor-league baseball player – a catcher – but Cameron was a golfer. Mack, who got close to scratch while playing overseas, bought Cameron his first golf clubs and recognized his talent. They hit Whiffle balls over Mack’s house. Champ with his father, Jeff, and grandfather, Mack. (Courtesy of the Champ family)

Who is Cameron Champ’s grandfather Mack Champ?

Jeff also came from a bi-racial marriage, and Cameron’s grandfather Mack Champ helped him learn to play golf. Mack was passionate about golf but experienced racism during his days as a caddie. “Back in those times it was different for African Americans,” Mack explained to Golf Channel in 2018.

What is the race of Cameron’s parents?

Cameron was born into a biracial family with a Black dad, Jeff, and a White mom, Lisa. Jeff was a star baseball player in college, and he played professionally in minor baseball leagues.