Which Mizuno speaker has the best Moi and sweet area?

Which Mizuno speaker has the best Moi and sweet area?

When it comes to vertical MOI (top to bottom) and Sweet Area, Mizuno says its ST-X 220 and ST-Z 220 get the best of the market leaders. The ST-X 220 and ST-Z 220 join the ST-G 220 to round out Mizuno’s ST-220 lineup. Both new models offer clean lines and appealing sound.

Is Mizuno making a more forgiving driver?

Mizuno used real player feedback to help identify the issues, and got to work on making a more forgiving driver that didn’t give up any speed on center strikes. Now, the company has announced its new Mizuno ST-Z 220 and ST-X 220 drivers, which are more forgiving versions of its previous models.

What kind of tech do Mizuno drivers come with?

All three drivers come with legacy Mizuno tech, including an Optimized Wave Sole (to boost face flex at impact) and an eight-point adjustable hosel sleeve for a custom ballflight. Mizuno’s fairway woods come in last year’s ST-Z profiles and, new for this year, ST-X models for more forgiveness and higher launches.

What is the difference between the Mizuno St-G 220 and St-z 220?

The Mizuno ST-G 220 is made for the ultimate adjustability, while the new ST-Z 220 is made for a neutral ball flight and low spin, and the new ST-X 220 is made for a draw spin to reduce a slice.