Where should weight be in the golf swing?

Where should weight be in the golf swing?

At the address, distribute your weight evenly. During the backswing, put your weight on your back foot. During the transition, transfer the weight to the lower body. During the follow-through, transfer the weight to the front foot. Where Should Weight Be in the Golf Swing? When it comes to the golf swing, many players get the weight transfer wrong.

What is the best position for weight transfer in golf?

The first key position for your weight transfer is a balanced stance at the top of your backswing. When the club reaches the top of the backswing and begins to change direction, you should be perfectly balanced with your weight evenly distributed between your two feet.

What is weight transfer in golf and why is it important?

Weight transfer or weight shift, as it’s commonly called, is necessary for all of the numerous ways to strike a golf ball, regardless of which method you choose. To strike the ball with much power, you need to transfer your body weight properly. When it comes to power, amateur golfers rely too heavily on their arms.

How do you Balance Your Feet in a golf swing?

Address: Equal weight on both feet, balanced between heels and balls of the feet. Takeaway: During the initial 12” of the swing, weight should begin shifting onto the right instep. To the top: Continuing the backswing, additional weight should transfer to the right foot. The right knee remains flexed as the hips rotate.