Where should the bottom of my swing arc be?

Where should the bottom of my swing arc be?

If your shoulders are level, the bottom of your swing is exactly in the center of your stance. So for Putting your ball should be just forward of center for top roll and for chipping your ball should be centered or slightly back of center. Now let’s look at the WHERE and WHY you want the bottom of your arc for each Full Swing club:

Where should the ball be placed in a golf swing?

The ball should be slightly forward of the bottom of your driver swing, and slightly behind the bottom of your iron swing, in order to allow you to make proper contact with all of your clubs.

How does the golf swing arc affect the angle of attack?

From this angle, if the golf ball was hit in the earlier (yellow) part of the swing arc (relative to the same swing) Angle of attack would be more downwards (steeper, or swinging down more) The farther you go up the golf swing arc in the direction of the yellow, the more exaggerated these effects can be (during this part of the swing).

How do I find the bottom of my swing?

To find the bottom of your swing, try this on the range: Make a series of side-by-side swings with a wedge, without hitting a ball (but taking a small divot); be sure to shift your setup spot directly forward or back on each subsequent swing for consistent positioning; the divots should line up closely.