Where is the Golf Channel moving from?

Where is the Golf Channel moving from?

NBCUniversal’s Golf Channel will leave its longtime Orlando, Florida, headquarters for NBC Sports ‘ facility in Stamford, Connecticut. News of the move was first reported by No Laying Up.

What does the Golf Channel do?

The channel focuses on coverage of the sport of golf, including live coverage of tournaments, as well as factual and instructional programming . Founded in Birmingham, Alabama, the channel’s headquarters and studios are currently located in Orlando, Florida.

Where is Golf Channel studio AP?

So long, Studio AP? Golf Channel is abandoning its longtime headquarters in Orlando, Fla., and will reportedly be relocating to Stamford, Conn. The move was first reported in a tweet from No Laying Up .

Is NBC’s new Golf Channel coming to Orlando?

Golf Channel has, until now, been allowed to continue operating from Orlando. That appears to be coming to an end with NBC set to move the network’s offices and studios into the Stamford, Connecticut facility it opened for NBC Sports in 2013. NBC Sports was previously based out of the network’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza headquarters.