Where are most of the LPGA Tours held?

Where are most of the LPGA Tours held?

As a United States-based tour, most of the LPGA Tour’s events are held in the United States. In 1956, the LPGA hosted its first tournament outside the United States at the Havana Open in Havana, Cuba.

What was the first LPGA major ever won?

The first tournament which is now included in the LPGA’s official list of major victories is the 1930 Women’s Western Open, although this is a retrospective designation as the LPGA was not founded until 1950. ·The Titleholders was played from 1937 to 1966 with a gap due to World War II.

What are the LPGA’s annual major championships?

The LPGA’s annual major championships are: 1 ANA Inspiration 2 U.S. Women’s Open 3 Women’s PGA Championship 4 Women’s British Open 5 The Evian Championship

Where are the LPGA’s women’s majors held?

Before The Evian Championship became the fifth LPGA major, the setup of women’s majors closely paralleled that of the mainstream (i.e., under-50) men’s majors. In both cases, the United States hosts three majors and the United Kingdom one. The Evian Championship, as noted above, is held in France.