When were golf clubs invented?

When were golf clubs invented?

The game dates back to the 1400s in Scotland, so naturally, golf club history does too. We’ve come a long way from wooden clubs and feather-filled balls. For the sake of this piece were going to stick with the modern evolution of the game’s equipment starting off with the invention of the steel shaft in the early 1900s.

What year did Tiger Woods start using Nike golf clubs?

Nike Golf signed Tiger Woods in 1996, who first began to use Nike equipment in 2000, with the Tour Accuracy TW golf ball. The company then began to manufacture golf clubs in 2002. Elliott Heath is our Senior Staff Writer and has been with Golf Monthly since early 2016.

What happened to MacGregor Golf Clubs?

MacGregor attempted a “relaunch” in the late ’90s with an updated tour roster that included Aaron Baddeley, but after slumping sales and sets of clubs that failed to take off, assets were eventually liquidated in North America. The brand still lives on in the UK and Japan but not with the same presence it once had.

Does Nike make golf clubs anymore?

NIKE, Inc. announced today that it will accelerate innovation in its Golf footwear and apparel business and will partner with more of the world’s best golfers. With this new focus, Nike Golf will transition out of equipment — including clubs, balls and bags.