What year are Callaway Irons?

What year are Callaway Irons?

Callaway Irons By Year Year Club Model Shaft Description Shaft Manufacture Flex 1996 Big Bertha Woods Big Bertha Ultralite Hitachi / Aldila A,R,F 1996 Big Bertha Irons RCH 90 Aldila R,F 1996 Big Bertha Irons Memphis 10 True Temper M10 1996 Big Bertha Irons Lady Gem Aldila Lady 30 more rows …

What are the Callaway Big Bertha irons?

The Callaway Big Bertha irons are designed to make hitting the ball easier for golfers of any skill level. These irons are made of stainless steel with perimeter weight to add stability to the club on impact, minimizing twisting on off-center hits.

Why Callaway women’s?

With lighter and more forgiving club options, Callaway Golf offers selections that make golfing easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Shop Callaway Women’s today and find what you need to make the time spent on the course a blast!

What are the classification of Callaway Golf Clubs?

The next classification of Callaway golf clubs is called the Fairway Woods. Fairway Woods have three types of clubs which are Big Bertha Fusion Fairway Woods, Big Bertha Titanium Fairway Woods, and Big Bertha Fairway Woods. The next classification of the Callaway golf clubs is a hybrid that is designed for long and distant shots.