What was the fight between Austen Dailey and Luke Smith?

What was the fight between Austen Dailey and Luke Smith?

New details have surfaced of the stunning fight between a pair of golfers that took place on the course of a qualifying event for the Korn Ferry Tour. Austen Dailey grew frustrated with Luke Smith — another golfer in his playing group — after Smith and his father, Oliver Smith, refused to help Dailey look for lost balls.

Is it bad to fight with a fellow golfer?

That’s the worst. Any of those situations—and plenty of others—might be enough for you to come to blows with a fellow golfer. OK, so more likely, you’d keep it to yourself, but golf fights do happen.

How did Oliver Smith’s dad break up a fight with another golfer?

Soon after, a third golfer, Derek Fribbs, attempted to break up the fight. Yet Smith’s dad, Oliver, promptly waved his putter in the air in front of the quarrel, preventing anyone from intervening.

Did a fist fight break out between two golfers at fossil trace?

Justin Abrams (@jabrams77) was playing at Fossil Trace Golf Club in Colorado when he happened to have the perfect vantage point of a full-blown fist fight breaking out between two golfers. Check it out: