What was it like for Smylie Kaufman at the PGA Tour?

What was it like for Smylie Kaufman at the PGA Tour?

Smylie Kaufman walked around, was recognized by everyone, welcomed everywhere, stacked some cups, and, from the sounds of it, remembered what it felt like to be Smylie Kaufman again. As he puts it, “It was awesome.” This trip to the PGA was different. Kaufman had never previously done live TV work.

Where is Carter Smylie Kaufman now?

Today, all these years later, Carter Smylie Kaufman, who’s long gone by a middle name that’s a tribute to his grandmother’s cousin, is now 30. He’s sitting here in a boutique downtown Tulsa hotel, where most of the ESPN crew is headquartered for the PGA Championship.

Who is Smylie Kaufman?

Smylie is a family name, not a nickname (grandmother’s cousin, 1971 Georgia Tech All-American defensive end, Smylie Gebhart). Grandfather (Alan Kaufman) is a former golf coach at University of Alabama-Birmingham and one-time coach of Graeme McDowell. Was point guard on his state championship basketball team in 2009, his junior year.

Is Smylie Kaufman the new voice in golf broadcasting?

2. The emergence of Smylie Kaufman, who made his major debut as an on-course reporter for ESPN+ this week, as a fresh new voice in golf broadcasting.