What to do on 4th of July at a campground?

What to do on 4th of July at a campground?

Many campgrounds hold a full itinerary of 4th of July themed fun over this holiday. Look for campsite and golf cart decorating contests, bicycle parades, fireworks, fishing derbies, musical entertainment and more.

Are there any 4th of July themed golf carts?

Here are a few of the 4th of July themed golf carts that caught our eye. Patriotic Punch: Red and Blue Layered Drink! PIN THIS POST TO PINTEREST!

What do you put on the roof of a golf cart?

If your golf cart has a roof, line its perimeter with a red, white and blue plastic or Mylar fringe banner. If fringe isn’t quite your style, select a banner of numerous small American flags or red, white and blue bunting.

What are the best holiday decorations for a golf cart?

Red, white and blue rule this holiday, so choose decorations primarily in these colors. Look for decorations that are durable enough to withstand sun, wind and potentially rain, so your handiwork doesn’t fall apart or cause a mess on the cart or on the ground.