What size Petite golf clubs should I buy?

What size Petite golf clubs should I buy?

Petite golf clubs vary from standard length clubs to 1” shorter than the standard length. Evaluating the loft, length, lie angle, and other specs are highly recommended to confirm that the set will suit your length. The standard length for a women’s 7-iron is around 36,” and all club lengths should be based on this length.

Are Wilson Petite golf clubs good for beginners?

Judging based on the reviews and ratings, this set of golf clubs from Wilson is certainly worth looking into if you are considering multiple options. This forgiving set is ideal for mid-to-high handicap women golfers and can be used by beginners as well. When Should Women Golfers Choose Petite Golf Clubs?

Can petite women use junior or kids golf clubs?

The standard length for a women’s driver is 43”, and golf clubs for short ladies are generally 1” shorter. Therefore, the recommended length for a petite women’s driver is 42”. Can Petite Women Use Junior or Kids Golf Clubs? There is no plausible reason for petite women not to consider playing junior golf clubs.

What is the average length of a golf club?

Golf Club Length 101: Chart to Determine Your Ideal Length Club Type Avg. Length Club Type Avg. Length Driver 45” Sand Wedge 46” Putter 44” Gap Wedge 45.5” 1 Iron 39.5” 3 Wood 43” 2 Iron 39” 4 Wood 42.5” 7 more rows …