What makes Ping irons so good?

What makes Ping irons so good?

Hollow body and maraging steel face create PING’s longest, highest-flying iron. COR-Eye Technology provides four times the face flexing for consistently faster ball speeds and a steep landing angle. Face flexing accelerates ball speed for incredible distance. A wide sole helps maximize forgiveness.

What are Ping’s new 4-8 irons and how do they work?

GMax are the first Ping irons to be designed with “fast faces.” The 4-8 irons use COR-Eye technology that allows their club faces to flex at impact for more distance. The construction, which uses 17-4 stainless steel bodies and heat-treated Hyper 17-4 alloy faces, creates approximately 1-3 mph more ball speed across the face, according to Ping.

Are Ping’s Gmax Irons good for softball?

Putting these irons into play on the heels of my annual softball season was the perfect time to test the claims of long, straight and forgiving. The PING GMax irons are replacing the Karsten iron set, and they boast a revolutionary COR-Eye Technology that allows for more face flexing, resulting in more ball speed and distance.

What is the difference between Ping Gmax and Ping G30?

The elastomer Custom Tuning Port (CTP) that Ping use to modify the sound and feel of their irons is now blended into the sole of the cavity and looks a little better too. The heads of the GMax are longer and the top line is thicker than the Ping G30 Irons, which were not exactly compact irons.