What is the second-oldest golf tournament in the world?

What is the second-oldest golf tournament in the world?

Behind The Open Championship and its 1860 debut, the second-oldest golf tournament remaining in the world is the British Amateur Championship, which began in 1885 at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in England. For years, the British Amateur was considered an unofficial R&A event, but it continues to this day with prominent winners from around the globe.

What is the 8th oldest golf tournament in the world?

It was first played in 1903, and it has been co-sanctioned by the European Tour and hosting Sunshine Tour since 1997. The eighth-oldest golf tournament in the world is a tie between the Canadian Open and Australian Open. Both events date back to 1904.

What is the oldest major in golf?

The oldest of the majors is The Open Championship, commonly referred to as the "British Open" outside the United Kingdom.

What is the oldest USGA championship?

The U.S. Amateur Championship is the oldest USGA championship along with the U.S. Open. The tournament was established after the United States Golf Association was formed in December 1894 to serve as a national governing body to authorize an official national championship in the United States.