What is the PXG 0811x prototype driver?

What is the PXG 0811x prototype driver?

The PXG 0811X Prototype Driver is a low center of gravity and low spin option. It was engineered for players with either level or downward attack angles. This driver has 4 weight ports for adjustment along with hosel adjust-ability for loft as well.

What is the difference between PXG 0811 Gen 4 and 0311 Gen 5?

The PXG 0311 Gen 5 drivers feel a bit more stable than the 0811 Gen 4 drivers thanks to the innovative perimeter weighting system. However, the sound is pretty much the same as the 0811 Gen 4 driver. That’s to be expected as the face (a Ti412 titanium alloy) is the same in both of these driver families.

How many PXG Proto drivers are available?

” We don’t know how many are available, but it’s been made clear this is a limited run and isn’t a Gen 3 option that will continue to be available. The new PXG Proto drivers come in two models, the more forgiving 0811 X+ Proto, and the lower spinning 0811 X Proto.

What is the new PXG driver?

Before I dive in, it’s important to note that there are two versions of the new PXG driver. The 0811 X Proto driver is the lower spin version with a low center of gravity. This is designed to fit players with level or downward angles of attack, and it comes with 9 degrees of loft.