What is the headlight kit for a 2001 Lexus EZGO TXT?

What is the headlight kit for a 2001 Lexus EZGO TXT?

LHT EZ2 2001 HEAD, TAIL & LIGHT KIT Instructions for EZGO TXT Models The Headlight Kit includes: (1) Complete Light Kit Harness (1) Wire Harness for brake lights (optional) (1) 20 amp light switch. (1) Left & Right hand headlight assemblies.

Where do you put a harness on a golf cart?

From inside the battery compartment or engine compart- ment (on the driver’s side), route the harness through and under the main frame along the cart’s driver side. The part of the harness being used at this point is the light switch end and routing it towards the front of the cart to the dash and front headlights.

How to align headlight templates for EZGO TXT?

All Rights Reserved. LHT EZ2 2001 HEADLIGHT Template for EZGO TXT Models Step 1: Align template “A” with body line – Front. Step 2: Align template “B” with body line – Side. Step 3: Align template “C” with template “A & B” and 1/8” below the body line as shown above.

How do you connect a battery to a gas golf cart?

On a gas cart, connect the wires to the battery. Tighten the nuts but do not over tighten. Over tightening can de- stroy the battery posts. Note: Light sparks can be normal when connecting the batteries, but a bright arching flash indicates there is a short in the system.