What is the golfbuddy WT3 manual?

What is the golfbuddy WT3 manual?

The GolfBuddy WT3 will provide you with the most accurate course information to ensure you the very best golf experience. WT3_Manual(영어).indd 3 13. 9. 25.

How do I connect my golfbuddy to my computer?

1. Make sure the GolfBuddy is powered off. 2. Please connect your USB cable to the computer WITHOUT your unit. 3. Hold down the Menu button. 4. As you are holding the Menu button down, please connect your GolfBuddy to the USB cable. 5.

How do I Reset my golfbuddy to factory settings?

Hold down the MENU button, then press the POWER button simultaneously. 3. Once the LCD (screen) powers on, release the POWER button BUT keep the MENU button pressed. 4. Once you see EMERGENCY REBOOT on the screen, release the MENU button and wait about 3-5 minutes for reboot to factory settings. 1. Make sure the GolfBuddy is powered off. 2.

How to select the hole in WT3?

Navigate by using the / buttons and press the button to select the Hole. Select between left/right green then press thebutton to complete the selection. WT3_Manual(영어).indd 15 13. 9. 25. 오후 2:11 BASIC OPERATION Previously Recognized Hole Selection Previously recognized hole can be selected by